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    1. ABOUT US
      Company Profile
      About Us

      AMBULANC (SHENZHEN) TECH. CO., LTD was established in 2001 by emergency care experts. Amoul? (Brand name) is dedicated to innovate and develop life support total solutions and manufacturing respiratory therapy, CPR, emergency and critical care devices. 

      The professional R&D team is playing a key role to innovate pneumatic life support ventilation, CPR, airway management and conscious sedation devices for healthcare workers and patients worldwide.

      AMBULANC owns 230 patents and CFDA medical device registration certificates for Class II and Class III medical equipment, besides a wide range of international certifications such as ISO13485, FDA (EUA), CE, MDL, TAG etc.

      • 2001
      • 500+
      • 18000+
      Corporate Culture
      • Vision
        Everyone deserves better Healthcare
      • Mission
        Adopt cutting-edge medical technologies and transform them to develop emergency life Support total solutions for the healthcare workers and patients worldwide.
      • Values
        Enthusiasm   Integrity   Innovation   Respect   Dedication  
      R & D
      Innovation Center
      • Shenzhen Baoan R&D Center
      • Shenzhen NanShan R&D Center

      Amoul? owns highly qualified R&D team, specialized in innovation, development and manufacturing of life support medical devices for rescue, critical care, respiratory resuscitation and analgesia etc. Ambulanc invented the first conscious sedation system in China.

      Ambulanc honored with 20+ CFDA medical registration certificates, 230+ patents, including over 60+ domestic invention patents and a number of international PCT invention patents.

      Shenzhen Factory
      Amoul? is dedicated to manufacture innovative emergency medical devices with cutting-edge technologies under stringent quality control. The entire manufacturing process is through a set of intelligent management measures.
      • Smart Manufacturing
        Adopting modular production methods
      • Large Production Capacity
      • R&D
        Innovation with Cutting edge technologies
      • QC and Safety inspection
        Enhancing Quality & Safety
      Global Market
      Global Coverage
      AMBULANC Technology served more than 18,000 valued customers covering hospitals, MOH, health institutions, emergency services etc. from worldwide. Amoul? exporting to over 100 countries in Europe, America, South America, Middle East and Africa. There are also 30 regional branch offices across mainland China.
      North America
      Andrew Wang
      Email: andrew.wang@ambu-lanc.com
      US & Central America
      Pepe Tang
      Email: pepe.tang@ambu-lanc.com
      Hander Leal
      Email: hander.leal@ambu-lanc.com
      Kent Zhang
      Email: oversea.eu@ambu-lanc.com
      South Africa
      Rafa Liu
      Email: oversea.ma@ambu-lanc.com
      Russia & CIS
      Aziz Idriskhodjaev
      Email: oversea.cis2@ambu-lanc.com
      Middle East
      Iris Zhong
      Email: zhongshuling@ambu-lanc.com
      Frank Young
      Email: frank.young@ambu-lanc.com
      Betty Mao
      Email: oversea.as@ambu-lanc.com
      North Africa
      Maury Liu
      Alonso Hu
      Email: alonso@ambu-lanc.com
      Sira Sun
      Frank Hong
      Email: frank.hong@ambu-lanc.com
      Shirley Wang
      Email: info@ambu-lanc.com
      Frank Hong
      Email: frank.hong@ambu-lanc.com
      Hassan Cheng

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